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Why My Team is the Best Investment I’ve Made

The best investment that any business owner can make is investing in their team. There’s plenty of people out there who believe that it’s their mandate to make all of the decisions. But as individuals we can only ever see as far as our blind spot allows us to see. If our awareness is restricted or limited and we don’t have people to challenge our assumptions along the way then we miss really important factors that could make or break a business.

The beauty of having a team is that there is a variety of opinions. These diverse opinions add a richness and a depth to the results that you can produce. Not only in the short term but definitely in the long term.

As the saying goes, “No man is an island.” We cannot do everything by ourselves. If you want a successful business, it’s paramount to build your team. Imagine how much more productive you would be if you could have ten copies of yourself. You could do so much more, achieve so much more. But you can’t find ten copies of yourself.

What you can do is mould and shape ten other people who have the same values, who want to achieve the same purpose, who’ve bought into the goal and vision of the company you’ve created. You mould them to become very successful people in their own right, which in turn means you a very successful person.

To create a champion team you need to provide a lot of time, a lot of education, to each member of your team. It doesn’t have to be something large like sending them on an educational course, it could just be to spend half an hour with them, talking about what their goals are and what they want to achieve in their life.

Every single day I look at my own team and I see them expanding their mind and challenging themselves to improve. I look back at the time and money I spent on their development and I can say with certainty that those investments have paid dividends.

Being part of a bad team sucks. But being part of a great team is unbeatable and will make you unstoppable.

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