Here’s a compilation of the best moments from the first ten episodes of the Infinity Effect vlog cut down into just 4 minutes!

If you’re new around these parts: we are a channel starring three business leaders and entrepreneurs devoted to providing you with the knowledge you need to change your mindset for the better.

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Garry Pesochinsky, Michael Peroumal, and John Sader are the founders of Lion Property Group, a property development and investment business with a gross realisation value of $154,000,000 (and rising).

Those who achieve significant success possess a vision which reaches far beyond self. They are the people who challenge the social norms and commit to breaking new ground. Learning, growing, and evolving to provide a foundation for generations to come. This is the Infinity Effect.

This channel is a place where thought leaders, industry experts and influencers provide access to decades of experience, knowledge, and wisdom to empower your self improvement. And in so doing, affect the trajectory of your life to leave a legacy of your own.

Amongst it all we document our own efforts as we embody the principles of the Infinity Effect within our own lives, giving you a look behind the curtain, demonstrating our commitment to ongoing self improvement and showing up like it counts.

The Infinity Effect is an opportunity to experience a paradigm shift through accurate thinking to achieve increased success and create meaningful change within our world.

Stop thinking small. Think infinite.