Evolving knowledge with digital mentors feat

Evolving Knowledge with Digital Mentors

I had a manager who used to say to me “you need to work smarter, not harder.” That used to frustrate the absolute crap out of me. Here I was, consistently giving my all in order to meet the obligations, the deadlines, and the timelines, and that’s all they had to say?

I started to come to the realisation that if only I could find somebody who’d give me appropriate direction, I wouldn’t be spinning my wheels as much. When I started to look around, I’ve got to be honest, I couldn’t find someone that I could connect with who also had sufficient knowledge on board.

So I started looking for alternate sources of knowledge instead. I picked up books, and I read, and applied. I devoured every bit of information that I could, trying to learn as much as I could of what the universe had to offer me. I pumped my brain full of as much knowledge as I could.

One of the beauties of the modern age is that there is always information available to us. Our mentors don’t have to be face-to-face anymore. Whether it’s on a podcast, whether it’s on a vlog, whether it’s via material that they release on YouTube or something that you see on Facebook. The simple act of being willing to take on board new insightful information that increases our level of awareness is us becoming adults. That’s owning the responsibility of us becoming the version of ourselves that we’re proud of.

And the process of me doing that is what actually made mentor figures start to take an interest in me. I had to evolve to gain access to the level of knowledge that mentors were able to impart to me. These people wouldn’t have looked twice at the person I used to be.

But after beginning my own journey of self-development using books, podcasts, and YouTube, I now that the mindset necessary for mentors to find me worth their while.

Become who it is that you need to become in order for you to have access to those you wish to have access to.

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