#21 Tall Poppy Syndrome: Why Australians Fear Success

People love to support the underdog – until they’re not the underdog anymore.

This episode is all about Tall Poppy Syndrome, a phenomenon where people reject those have obtained success or bettered themselves.

The mindset of Tall Poppy Syndrome is toxic and counterproductive. If we’re willing to ‘cut down’ those who rise and grow tall, then we’re establishing a precedent for others to do it to us if and when it’s our time to rise. And so, people are afraid to better themselves or their position in life in case they suffer ostracization from their peers. This, in turn, leads to a culture that values mediocrity instead of progress.

Topics discussed include: tall poppy syndrome definition, tall poppy syndrome examples, personal responsibility, introspection, underdogs, outgrowing your peers, and more.