#15 Why People Don’t Want You To Succeed

In this podcast John Sader, Michael Peroumal, and Garry Pesochinsky talk about an Australian cultural phenomenon known as tall poppy syndrome.

People who stand out for having obtained success can be attacked and criticized by those who perceive this success as an affront; this is Tall Poppy syndrome in action. Tall Poppy Syndrome is the result of individuals trying to avoid introspection and responsibility; rather than confront their own limitations and seek to improve themselves, they’d prefer to keep everyone else chained down to their level. Or, sometimes Tall Poppy Syndrome can be a misguided attempt at protection – preventing someone from getting hurt by stepping outside of their comfort zone, even though it’s a necessary step.

For international listeners, this phenonemon is known in other parts of the world as the ‘crab mentality’ or ‘the nail that sticks out get hammered.’

Topics discussed include: tall poppy syndrome definition, tall poppy syndrome examples, personal responsibility, introspection, underdogs, outgrowing your peers, and more.