#11 Your World is a Reflection of Self

Michael Peroumal and John Sader discuss personal responsibility and the concept of ‘self vs. other’ in relation to their individual journeys from childhood to adulthood.

They speak about the importance of accepting responsibility for our own circumstances rather than trying to blame external factors and how to map self-worth in a way that is not dependent upon the environment.

Talking Points:

01:48 – Is the universe about me?

04:15 – The yoke of our parents

07:00 – The Universe is a great teacher

08:20 – “Why does this keep happening?”

12:50 – “What’s next?”

14:30 – Mapping our Self Worth

19:30 – Wake Up Moments

22:30 – The Realisation of Journeys

25:40 – The World is a Reflection of Self

27:50 – Spiral Dynamics

39:30 – Ownership of Self

40:15 – The Cycle of 7s